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State of Texas Access Reform (STAR)

STAR is the State and Federal Medicaid Program that provides free insurance to qualified children and adults who might otherwise go without. Adults and children may be covered.

We’ve Been There Since Day One And We’re Your Hometown Favorites

Driscoll Children’s Health Plan is affiliated with Driscoll Children’s Hospital, serving the health needs of South Texas children for more than 50 years. Since 1953, they have cared for more than one million children. With this relationship, we’ve become a name you know and trust.

We Offer More Doctor Choices

Driscoll Children’s Health Plan offers the most children’s doctors you already know and trust. And, our adult medicine team is constantly growing. Their support staff are also available to answer questions and help you get your health care needs met. Our patients are able to easily access local wellness and prevention programs, as well as education. Everything you need to keep you and your family healthy can be found in one place … with the Driscoll Children’s Health Plan.

We Have So Much To Offer!

Driscoll Children’s Health Plan offers the following STAR benefits of affordable, quality healthcare insurance for everyone, including:

  • Local Physicians and Local Benefits

  • Education and Disease Management - we provide educational services for both members and doctors.

  • We serve a 9-county area of South Texas

  • Affiliated with Driscoll Children's Hospital

  • We provide quality care through a dedicated health care team.

  Texas STAR Program
Income A family of four making less than $20,000/year or below
(the cost to you and your family)

Do I Qualify?

Qualifying for STAR is very simple.

Adults and children may be eligible for STAR if you:

  • Live in the State of Texas
  • Are a United States citizen or a legal permanent resident
  • Have no other health insurance
  • Making less than $20,000/year

For more information on applying for STAR, go to www.chipmedicaid.org

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